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Design & Robotics – Exercises

Ex.1 Story board

Ex. 2 Stop Motion: According with the storyboard of the previous exercise, make a stop motion video.

Ex. 3 Recognizing faces and expressions: There are lots of faces around us, can you recognize it?

3.a Which is the expression of each “face”?

a. b.Surprise!

c. d.

e.  f.


3.b Collect 10 pictures of faces and name it according with their expression.

Ex. 4 Nonverbal communication

Is it possible to recognize a dialog without verbal content?

Draw a small story board of interaction between 2 plastic bags


  • Bag A is sad, waiting.
  • 5 seconds after, Bag B enter to the scene and gives a news.
  • Bag A become happy.
  • Insert nonverbal communication with sound.


  • Bag A is a father , Bag B is a Doctor.
  • Bag A is a boy and B his girlfriend
  • Bag A is a girl and B his boyfriend